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VPA Creatine Monohydrate

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Size: 200g
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Creatine is a naturally occurring molecule within our bodies. Our liver and to a lesser extent, the pancreas and kidneys, can produce creatine using the amino acids glycine and arginine. We also obtain creatine from foods we eat including red meat and seafood. In fact, the word creatine comes from the Greek work for flesh, Kreas. Creatine molecules act as storage units for high energy phosphate groups which are essential to energy production and storage.

The sports benefits of creatine are related to the increase in power output that creatine produces. Studies have demonstrated increased strength and power, sprint performance and improved performance in repeated maximal effort exercise.

Creatine increases strength – Creatine as a measurable impact on power output and the volume of weight lifted in a session. Over time, this increases the rate at which strength is increased.

Creatine builds muscle – When used in conjunction with a resistance training program, creatine facilitates hypertrophy and builds lean muscle. This effect results from an increase in weight and volume lifted during training due to creatine supplementation.

Creatine increases endurance and reduces fatigue – Creatine can improve endurance during high-intensity strength training. Creatine results in a slower decline in explosive strength such as jumping. Creatine also has a small but important impact on sprinting / anaerobic running performance.

Creatine improves recovery by reducing inflammation resulting from high intensity or prolonged endurance exercise.

Creatine provides cognitive benefits – In particularly stressful times such as if you’re not getting enough sleep, if you are studying or doing exams (or other strenuous mental gymnastics!) or have experienced a brain injury, taking creatine may improve your mental capacity and performance.

200g 40 Serve Expiry - 05/2024