ANC Period Pain Relief 120 Tab

ANC Period Pain Relief 120 Tab

Australian Naturalcare

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Almost all women at some stage in their life experience period pain, unfortunately some more than others. And it can happen every month. On those days, whilst most women would love to stay curled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle, doona and chocolate, sometimes that's not possible.

Are you one of those women?

If so, you'll recognise the symptoms; the cramping, the throbbing pain that spreads through your lower belly, back and legs, the nagging ache. Some women even experience nausea.

Period pain, also known as (dysmenorrhoea) is thought to occur due to the muscles of the uterus contracting harder than usual to dislodge and expel the endometrium (the tissue lining the uterus). These uterine contractions can also reduce the blood flow to the uterus causing more pain.

Australian NaturalCare's Period Pain Relief  contains the herbs cramp bark and ginger, which have a long history of traditional use in Western herbal medicine for the relief of menstrual pain and cramps. They are both traditionally used as antispasmodics in Western Herbal medicine as well.


Each film coated tablet contains: Viburnum opulus (cramp bark) ext. dry conc. 250mg from 1g (1000mg) dry stem bark, Zingiber officinale (ginger) ext. dry conc. 25mg from 500mg dry root, Capsicum annuum (cayenne pepper) ext. dry conc. stand. 15mg from minimum 90mg dry fruit, stand. to contain capsaicin 225 micrograms, Magnesium (from magnesium citrate) 75mg.
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