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The Lupin Co

Lupin Protein Flakes by The Lupin Co

Lupin Protein Flakes by The Lupin Co

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The Lupin Co Lupin Flakes originate from Australian Sweet Lupin (ASL) seed (Lupinus Angustifolius) and are a Legume selected specifically for the low alkaloids (low bitterness/bean/green flavour). Approx 95% of all sweet lupin is grown in Australia and of this over 85% is grown in Western Australia (WA). Classic breeding comes from Mediterranean varieties which were introduced to WA during the early 1960’s. Our lupins are harvested from the above-ground pods formed on the plant, cleaned and sized on farm, followed by careful removal of the outer husk (lupin hull) which is mainly hemi-cellulose fibre. Then follows a triple colour analysis to make sure we have only the beautiful golden lupin endosperm. A multiple dry size reduction process then follows with the final step being to produce delicate and versatile flakes. The process is all done at a temperature not exceeding 36C, measured throughout the process by laser thermometers.

Lupin Flakes pack a seriously tasty powerful punch. Lupin Flakes have high sources of combined protein and fibre, this Aussie-grown little legume is gluten free, low GI and only 4% carbs. Plus they’re rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Lupin incredible!

Nutrition per 100 Gram

  • Energy (per 100gm) – 1350kJ
  • Protein (%) – 38 – 41
  • Fat (%) – 6 – 7
    -Saturated fat (% of fat) – 20
    -Polyunsaturated fat (% of fat) – 45
    -Monounsaturated fat (% of fat) – 35
    -Cholesterol (%) 0
  • Ash (%) – 3-4
  • Digestible Carbohydrate (%) – 2.5-4
  • Dietary Fibre (mg/100g) – 36 – 39
  • Calcium (mg/100g) – 110
  • Sodium (mg/100g) – 30
  • Potassium (mg/100g) – 810
  • Iron (mg/100g) -3
  • Magnesium (mg/ 100g) – 160

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