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AB's Manuka Honey MGO 500+

AB's Manuka Honey MGO 500+

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Australian Manuka honey has a naturally occurring compound, Methylglyoxal (MGO), that is formed in the honey from Manuka nectar. The amount of MGO in your Manuka honey is directly related to its potency & antibacterial properties. The AB’s Manuka Honey you are purchasing on this page has been independently laboratory tested and is rated MGO 500+. It is scientifically tested for MGO (methylglyoxal) that has a content of 500mg+ per kilo. It has high anti-bacterial, powerful antimicrobial, and nutritional properties.

This high-rated MGO Australian Manuka Honey is a flavour sensation. At AB’s Honey you are guaranteed to taste the difference of our Manuka Honey range – it is all 100% Australian, real, pure, and raw.

It has a rich, dark golden colour with a smooth thick texture, redolent of caramelised sugar and butter. Manuka Honey generally has an earthy flavour, only mildly sweet, with a slight medicinal aftertaste.

You have struck liquid gold when it comes to the taste of AB’s Manuka Honey – it is the best Manuka Honey in Australia!

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