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How Your Body Reacts to Eating Too Much Sugar

There’s no sugar coating this…Eating too much sugar can have a devastating effect on every part of your body. Not sure how much (or how little) sugar you should be eating? Or what the best alternative sources of natural energy are? We’ll clear up some common misconceptions you might have about sugar, and explain why having an apple with peanut butter is a much healthier choice than a bowl of sugary cereal, no matter what the kids are saying in class.

When your blood sugar starts to rise, your body sends out a chemical called insulin. This hormone tells your body to use the sugar for energy or store it as fat. Sugar can cause you to feel energised and happy due to the quick rise in your blood sugar levels. But after a short while, you'll crash and burn.

Ah, sugar. It tastes totally sweet, right? But think twice before you chow down on that donut or sip on an entire soda. Too much sugar can rot your teeth by attracting bacteria to the surface that wears down the tooth's enamel, a thin clear coating that surrounds and protects the teeth. The result? Tooth decay, cavities—and possible gum disease.

If you love a good sweet treat, you know how hard it is to resist that bowl of ice cream or piece of chocolate cake. What you might not realize is that all of those sugary foods could be doing more than just putting on the pounds. When we eat too much high fructose corn syrup and sucrose, it can actually lead to liver scarring: an issue that could increase your risk for liver disease.

If you’re eating a diet heavy in sugar, it can have dire health effects. One of which is that the sugar from its food sources like fruits and vegetables may be too much for your kidneys to handle. This could lead to kidney failure or even death, within days of acute injury. It’s your kidneys’ job to filter your blood, and when it contains too much blood sugar, the excess sugar is released into the urine. This can damage the bladder to the point of failure and is exacerbated in people with diabetes.

You might have heard that sugar is bad for your body and health. I mean sugar’s been called worse names than the devil. But there’s so much sugar in our food these days, it can be tough to avoid. Now that you know that sugar doesn’t just rot your teeth — but harms other parts of your body — will you cut out this killer?

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