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Colon Cleanse® by Denmar

Colon Cleanse® by Denmar

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Colon Cleanse rids the body of waste and promotes elimination. The average person carries between 1 - 3kg of unwanted matter stuck to their bowel wall. This unwanted waste matter rots in your bowel creating a source of toxicity, as well as a breeding ground for pathogens and parasites. Colon Cleanse uses magnesium oxide to cleanse the entire digestive tract safely and gently. Magnesium oxide draws large amounts of water into the gastrointestinal tract which softening and liberating impacted and hardened waste matter to be flushed out.

Expiry - 03/2026



Add one 5ml metric teaspoon to a glass of water, stir thoroughly and drink.
When the glass is empty, squeeze half a lemon into the same glass, stir and drink or take 1g of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).
Take once daily for up to one week then every other day for an additional week (only if required).

Each 5ml metric teaspoon (2g) contains:
1.065g of magnesium as:
Magnesium oxide – heavy    1.600g
Magnesium carbonate – heavy    400mg

**Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. **

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