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AB's Manuka Honey MGO 900+

AB's Manuka Honey MGO 900+

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With AB’s Australian Manuka Honey MGO 900+, you have struck liquid gold. It has a high level of bioactivity and highly potent natural enzymes. AB’s Manuka Honey MGO 900+ is the best Manuka in Australia.

AB’s Manuka Honey is 100% chemical and pesticide free, created by bees collecting nectar and pollen from Australian native Manuka forests.

Manuka Honey MGO 900+ has been tested as having a minimum 900mg of methylglyoxal per kilogram. It has high-strength anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and nutritional properties, making it useful in the treatment of wounds, infections, and skin conditions, as well as being delicious to eat!

Expiry 2026

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