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Kunzea Cream by Kunzea Tasmania

Kunzea Cream by Kunzea Tasmania

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​Gentle on skin, our 'extra strength' Kunzea cream absorbs quickly and smells great.
It has a higher Kunzea concentration compared to some other creams available.

Our Kunzea cream is non-burning and has all natural or naturally derived ingredients - free from parabens, sulphates or fragrances. 

Our products that say 'extra strength' means that they contain at least 10% (100mg per gram) of Kunzea essential oil. This is ​up to double the strength of some other Kunzea containing products on the market, while still being very safe.  Our products aren't double the price though! Given the amount of Kunzea oil in our products, and the small amount used, they are great value. 
(Reference to​: Capzea liniment 4.5%, Zea balm 5%, Zea liniment 5%, Zea cream pot 5%, Zea cream tube 7.5%)

Expiry - 07/2024

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