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Getting Rid of Hayfever the Natural Way.

Hayfever is a common condition that can cause severe symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. Natural medicine can help treat this illness.

Hayfever is a type of allergic reaction that occurs when the immune system overreacts to a harmless substance, such as pollen. This condition can cause inflammation and swelling in the respiratory passages. The body's response includes the release of histamine, which can cause mucus production and inflammation. Some of the usual symptoms of hayfever include sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.

When you're outside, wearing sunglasses can help keep pollen away from your eyes. If you're worried that you might be exposed to pollen, wear a mask. Also, close the windows when you're traveling to avoid introducing the pollen-contaminated air to your car.

A saline solution can also help keep the mucus in the respiratory passages moist. To make this solution, dissolve half a cup of salt in 250 ml of warm water. Place the solution in one of the nostrils and gently pour it out.

According to researchers, taking probiotics before and after hayfever season can help boost the good bacteria in one's intestinal tract and improve one's immune health. In clinical trials, those who took a combination of Bifiobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus experienced a reduction in their symptoms. They also noted that those who took the probiotic supplement had a lower inflammatory response.

One of the main factors that triggers a reaction in the body is the chemical histamine. Vitamin C can help decrease the severity of hayfever symptoms by acting as an antihistamine. Also, a substance found in green tea called quercetin can help reduce the release of this chemical from the mast cells. If you have hayfever, take this supplement as directed.

In Chinese medicine, a type of skullcap known as Baicalcap can be used as a treatment for various conditions such as hayfever and respiratory infections. It can also help decrease the severity of the symptoms by cooling down the body's response to inflammation. Korean ginseng can help decrease the incidence of allergic and respiratory reactions.

Another common Chinese medicine staple is the bupuleurum, which has been used for centuries to treat respiratory ailments and improve liver function.

In Western herbalism, milk thistle and Dandelion have been used as effective treatments for various conditions. They help improve the liver function and eliminate wastes.

Over-the-counter nasal sprays can cause side effects. Instead, opt for natural products that are designed to soothe and treat nasal congestion. These products can also help remove pollutants and contaminants.

To make this simple steam inhalation, simply cover your head with a towel and place a bowl of warm water. Add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree extract and breathe in for around 5-10 minutes. This method is very simple and can help clear out excess mucus.

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