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VPA Premium Micellar Casein - exercise recovery
VPA Premium Micellar Casein - exercise recovery

VPA Premium Micellar Casein

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Size: Chocolate 1kg
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  • Brand: VPA
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Casein is a type of dairy protein found in cows milk. It is a high quality, bioavailable protein that contains all the essential amino acids. Unlike whey protein, which is rapidly digested, casein is slowly digested and absorbed. This because casein is not very soluble in water, and this makes the protein the clump together to firm spheres called micelles. Our bodies take longer to digest and absorb casein protein micelles than it does whey protein. This slow digestion of casein provides a sustained release of amino acids into the blood stream, which in turn provides the building materials for muscle repair and growth.


Micellar Casein, Grass fed Whey Protein Concentrate, Flavour*, Sucralose, Natural Colour**.

*Cocoa is included in chocolate and caramel based flavours.

**Yellow contain beta-carotene, Red contains Anthocyanins.

Coffee flavours CONTAIN CAFFEINE equivalent to approximately 20mg per serve.
NOTE: Nutritional information may vary depending on flavour.


Chocolate Expiry - 04/2024

Vanilla Expiry - 03/2024