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Multi Collagen Unflavoured by Gelpro Australia

Multi Collagen Unflavoured by Gelpro Australia

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Building on Gelpro's reputation for bringing you high quality products, we have developed a unique blend of 5 types of food based collagen:

Type I Collagen: is the most common type of collagen found in our body and food. It is found in skin, tendons, ligaments and organs.

Type II Collagen: is what makes up cartilage and connective tissue.

Type III Collagen: makes up part of the extracellular matrix which keeps our skins and organs together. Type III is commonly found in foods along with Type I collagen and is the most popular type of collagen in the market.

Type V: is found in the surface cells and in hair.

Type X: is responsible for the creation of new bones and cartilage

Our Sources

  • Type I & III - Sourced from NZ and AU Bovine hides
  • Type I & III - Marine Collagen sustainably sourced from crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Type II: Bovine collagen from Cartilage
  • Type V & X: Egg shell membrane collagen

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