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The Crystal Effect

Crystals are a member of the mineral family. They can be naturally occurring, like quartz, or created in a laboratory. Crystals are an important part of our modern world, from your smartphone display to your computers hard drive. Let’s take a look at what crystals are and how they’re used.

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring, inorganic solids that have a regular geometric pattern. Crystals are made of atoms, which join together to form a lattice structure. Crystals are naturally perfect in form and structure and therefore do not require shaping or polishing. They represent the universe in its natural state of perfection. 

How Are Crystals used?

Crystals have been used to cleanse, charge and energise people, places, pets and even things. Crystals are said to balance the energies of a person, place or thing by emitting energy vibrations that complement the vibrations of what they are near. Crystals have been used for over 6000 years by shamans, healers, spiritual practitioners, and masters. Crystals have been used for everything from healing to removing energy blocks.

Crystals are powerful healing tools and they can be used in many different ways, including:

  • Receiving information from your higher self
  • Connecting with spirit guides, angels, guardians and other benevolent beings
  • Empowering or clearing objects (including healing crystals)
  • Focusing intent on a desired outcome or goal
  • Activating a stone's inherent potential to facilitate healing and transformation

Crystals offer us the ability to focus on our intentions and to amplify our vibrations. Crystals can also provide us with protection from environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, negative energy, and other stresses. By using crystals we can help raise our vibration, balance our energy field and bring ourselves into alignment with the divine. 



In order for energy to move into the physical plane, the boundaries between energies must be dissolved. Crystals work with energy frequencies. The correct color and placement of crystals have been used through history and are still used today to effect change in the world around us. Crystals cleanse auras, store information, energise and regulate chakras, aid spiritual development and promote personal well being. If you're new to using crystal in your daily life it's important to know that crystals are not a cure-all or a magic pill, rather they will help to enhance your own personal abilities such as intuition, self discipline and your ability to see clearly.


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